Software bounty — $50 WordPress event plugin with ics file

By rickColosimo / August 20, 2009 /

I recently tried out several event plugins for ASDworld to capture some roving office hour events I am holding. The plugin I chose, Event Calendar, was the best of the lot that I tried (I know, I should do a comparative review!). I like the way that I get a crisp per-event post that can…

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Software bounty — $100 WordPress self-link plugin

By rickColosimo / August 18, 2009 /

Reading a recent comment on the WordPress users’ group on Triiibes, I realized that a new user was having a problem that actually does affect me as well. The user complained that he couldn’t figure out how to post a link to a previous post. Of course, the response is you type the anchor text,…

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Code-word plugin could increase webapp usage

By rickColosimo / August 17, 2009 /

I just got this cross-selling email from Basecamp today. I was thinking about it in the context of providing great outsourced workflow management in a package that is easyto use because it’s controlled and relatively narrow: you can customize it a bit but you can’t really build it out or add features and you certainly…

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Ready-Fire-Review: Anagram

By rickColosimo / August 5, 2009 /

Anagram is a small piece of software that almost falls into the category that we used to describe in my Silicon Valley law days as “a feature masquerading as a company.” Many of those companies went away, some were bought and became features, but a few lived on as they became viable standalones. What does…

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