Zero-based: use HARO efficiently with filters

By rickColosimo / July 15, 2009 /

Peter Shankman‘s HARO (Help A Reporter Out) service is extremely valuable, but his opportunity-packed three emails a day can be hard to review in a timely fashion and risk getting bypassed if you have a big incoming stream of email. Because the content is time-sensitive, putting them off to read like a newsletter is self-defeating,…

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Software bounty – $100 for comment-spam blacklist tool

By rickColosimo / May 12, 2009 /

Over on Triiibes, there is a group for wordpress users; the population seems to trend pretty heavily to blogging types, so it’s pretty lively and there’s lots of direct experience with issues. Someone recently asked about dealing with comment spam in a way that goes beyond the super-awesome akismet plugin for WordPress, which has been…

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Twitter: “What is it good for?”

By rickColosimo / April 28, 2009 /

As someone who’s only more recently adopted Twitter as a tool, building on top of multiple blogs, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I’ve been consistently faced with two questions: Is there a specific model for using twitter that makes the most of the tool? How can folks following hundreds (thousands!) of people get anything done other than…

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Use self-BCC to tame your sent folder

By rickColosimo / April 2, 2009 /

Over on Simplifying Complexity, I recently doubled one of our software bounties from $250 to $500. Here’s a deeper background on the topic: Unlike people who use their sent items folder as a giant bucket to keep track of things they sent to people, I prefer to BCC myself and then file the actual email I…

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