Zero-based: use HARO efficiently with filters

By rickColosimo / July 15, 2009 / Comments Off on Zero-based: use HARO efficiently with filters

Peter Shankman‘s HARO (Help A Reporter Out) service is extremely valuable, but his opportunity-packed three emails a day can be hard to review in a timely fashion and risk getting bypassed if you have a big incoming stream of email. Because the content is time-sensitive, putting them off to read like a newsletter is self-defeating,…

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Zero-based exercise/diet tip series

By rickColosimo / February 7, 2009 / Comments Off on Zero-based exercise/diet tip series

The zero-time exercise series is a set of short tips on ways to exercise or diet that either cost nothing or take no time. The first tip reflects something I’ve seen only in New York City, and not in any other city in the US or elsewhere: walking up escalators. Sure, walking up the escalator…

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