Using new tools to share your thinking

By rickColosimo / December 17, 2010 / Comments Off on Using new tools to share your thinking

Several years ago, I had an idea for a tool I’ve called the “exonet.” The name derives from both being separate and distinct from the intranet/extranet and from the idea that our DNA is typically divided into introns and exons by geneticists. (The introns are the parts between the “genes” that don’t, strictly speaking, code…

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Deep-fried hot dog & bacon

By rickColosimo / November 12, 2010 / Comments Off on Deep-fried hot dog & bacon

So I saw this amazing menu item at the Conch Shack in Key West on Friday night of Labor Day weekend: bacon-wrapped, deep fried hot dog. That’s the sort of food that screams “eat me” on a menu, like venison chili at the Houndstooth pub or blackened …, well, anything. The overall experience was just…

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New stretch goal – Watch Rick Train

By rickColosimo / November 9, 2010 / Comments Off on New stretch goal – Watch Rick Train

Hey, I’m really excited about my latest big hairy audacious goal: I’m entered in the Ironman Florida in Pensacola in November 2011. I will be raising money for REED Academy, Dylan’s school. I’ve set up a new blog at (inspired by Peter Shankman‘s similar site). I’m definitely in need of help in terms of…

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Awesome iPad app demo/mockup

By rickColosimo / May 28, 2010 / Comments Off on Awesome iPad app demo/mockup

So there’s been a lot of press on the iPad + Velcro ™ video. And it’s well done, insightful, and mildly amusing. The shame of it is that it is flanked by an absolutely awesome video from the same fellow, Jesse Rosten: iPad shopping could look like this. I’d have to buy stock in J.…

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