Credit card purchases of tickets on LIRR trains

By rickColosimo / August 16, 2011 / Comments Off on Credit card purchases of tickets on LIRR trains

Radio this morning said that some LIRR passengers will get a chance to buy a ticket on the train with a credit card rather than cash as is currently the option. Two interesting tidbits: first, the “penalty” fare still applies, which is some bump to the price of a ticket at the machine if you…

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Great SMS idea for public transportation

By rickColosimo / August 4, 2011 /

Here’s a great SMS (text message to the rest of us) idea that uses your phone to buy one-off tickets. This would be a huge timesaver for people in heavy public transportation areas, like New York City, reducing time, expense, and just about everything for commuters and the various transit authorities and private companies.

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Evidence-based diet – in a box

By rickColosimo / November 13, 2010 /

This fancy meal in a box gives me an interesting idea about how to launch the idea in a simpler version. Rather than go whole-hog to the full meal preparation and individualized diet => menu route, you could streamline the development and start with a launch of semi-specialized menus, such as heart-healthy, cancer risk, or…

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Follow-up: evidence based diets

By rickColosimo / May 14, 2010 / Comments Off on Follow-up: evidence based diets

This visualization (far less interactive than the word “interactive” implies, IMHO) attempts to display the quality of evidence connecting various nutritional supplements to the ailments they’re supposed to affect. The list is pretty random, and there’s probably a need to investigate or at least share how the evidentiary grades are assigned. But, I can see…

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