How-to: Forward a Facebook event to your friends

By rickColosimo / October 13, 2009 / Comments Off on How-to: Forward a Facebook event to your friends

My son’s school, REED Academy has a Facebook fan page as well. I created that page since I’ve been using social media, including blogs, twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to expand awareness of causes important to me as well as teach people about my legal expertise in corporate governance and my practice in special education /…

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Logo contest on crowdSPRING

By rickColosimo / April 10, 2009 /

We’re running a logo contest on crowdSPRING for a social network-based site serving the ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) community. Besides wanting to see a greater variety of designs from different people rather than a number of variations on a theme from one person, I wanted to see how the original “” might have functioned. My…

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Social network badges & opportunities

By rickColosimo / December 11, 2008 / Comments Off on Social network badges & opportunities

The title of this post links to the page pinged by a Facebook badge I just created. I’m considering adding these to our contact pages ( and Are these useful to anyone? I’m not sure — I think it depends greatly on whether you have a social networking strategy (even if that strategy is…

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