Born into pessimism

By rickColosimo / April 8, 2011 /

Sometimes, life is too fatalistic for my tastes. It’s a fundamentally anti-American thing to say that we are too molded by the past, that our destinies are rough-hewn before we have control of our own lives. Sad, too, to learn too late that this is also true of those around us. Certainly, this isn’t determinism;…

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How not to give investing advice

By rickColosimo / March 13, 2011 / Comments Off on How not to give investing advice

Having complained about non-lawyers giving legal advice, I’ll briefly rant about non-finance people giving investment advice. A quote I won’t attribute to the author: Common advice for personal finance is to invest in “blue chip” shares such as BHP or the banks. Often overlooked is what “investing” actually means. It is giving a company your…

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Why you can’t just hedge your bets

By rickColosimo / January 25, 2011 / Comments Off on Why you can’t just hedge your bets

More on the bad effects of dilution of effort – 10000 hour rule. What’s my answer? Pick something and put years into it? Give up? Or find the space in-between?

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Three small words for 2011

By rickColosimo / January 24, 2011 /

Chris Brogan wrote a different sort of New Year’s resolution post, focusing on three words as major themes for the year. Everyone else seems torn between making resolutions and saying that resolutions never work. Here are my three, and even a bit of commentary. Love — I’d like to fall in love with a smart,…

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