Autism made me a single-issue voter

By rickColosimo / August 17, 2009 /

When discussing the recent presidential campaign with two professors I know, one asked me who was more “favorable” when it came to autism. He assumed that I would probably support the Democrats because of their association with support of civil rights (IDEA and the ADA are civil rights statutes at their heart). As I continued…

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Claiming false medals is demeaning

By rickColosimo / August 2, 2009 /

A recent NYT article discussed the rash of false medals/military honors since the long war on terror has greatly increased the number of “everyday” people with some plausible wartime service. (For example, I recently met an in-house attorney with JetBlue who was in the Army National Guard during law school and then deployed to Iraq.…

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Build credibility by writing your own posts

By rickColosimo / April 13, 2009 /

I recently saw an article with some tips on writing blog posts more quickly. They were all decent tips, but one caught my eye as being either completely misguided or crazy like a fox. Tim Scullin wrote: Outsource Your Posts Currently I write all my posts because I am very interested in my topic. However…

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NYT sidesteps Godwin’s Law

By rickColosimo / April 10, 2009 /

Today’s NYT has a story about a former Capitol Hill staffer who is a “dissenter” and “skeptic” on climate change issues. He might even be a “misinformer.” Congratulations to the NYT for breaking out the thesaurus and not calling the guy a “denier.” That term is loaded and hateful in its message. I humbly submit…

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