Canons of construction

By rickColosimo / August 3, 2019 / Comments Off on Canons of construction

Law would be more exciting with cannons of destruction. indicating that expressio unius cannon has force….

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Speech outside of school is protected

By rickColosimo / December 20, 2015 / Comments Off on Speech outside of school is protected

The NYT has described the case in this article with this blurb: The case presents an important question that several judges have urged the Supreme Court to decide: When may students be punished for things they say outside of school? In my world, we call that a rhetorical question. The answer surely ought to be…

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What’s the real difference between conservatives and liberals?

By rickColosimo / June 28, 2010 /

The Supreme Court recently decided, 7-2,that the federal government has the power to civilly commit federal prisoners on the eve of their release if they meet some level of danger of future harm. The dissent, by Justices Scalia and Thomas, argued that only the states have the power to implement this sort of punishment/power. I…

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Why don’t you pay for your own doctor?

By rickColosimo / March 21, 2010 /

This WSJ editorial reprint of an earlier article by Milton Friedman describes the shift in doctor-patient relationships as a result of managed care companies hiring doctors to provide medical services. I briefly commented on this on my Observations page in relation to a suggestion that we need to allow non-lawyer ownership of “law firms” to…

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