Singing songs and carrying signs

By rickColosimo / August 29, 2016 /

Evidently some dude’s protesting the national anthem. Don’t know who he is, don’t care, and doesn’t matter whether he’s protesting poverty, race-based policing, gay marriage, immigration, or the lack of vegetarian options at McDonald’s. Protesting the national anthem, the pledge, and burning the flag are the exact kind of speech the first amendment was designed…

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Speech outside of school is protected

By rickColosimo / December 20, 2015 /

The NYT has described the case in this article with this blurb: The case presents an important question that several judges have urged the Supreme Court to decide: When may students be punished for things they say outside of school? In my world, we call that a rhetorical question. The answer surely ought to be…

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