Definitions: gwitter

By rickColosimo / November 9, 2009 /

gwitter A Gwitter is someone who ghost-writes twitter updates for a celebrity who (A) can’t be bothered, (B) can’t be trusted not to go “off-message,” or (C) can’t type as many as 140 characters on a phone. Dude, President Obama just sent a tweet about Autism Awareness! Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s just…

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NYT sidesteps Godwin’s Law

By rickColosimo / April 10, 2009 /

Today’s NYT has a story about a former Capitol Hill staffer who is a “dissenter” and “skeptic” on climate change issues. He might even be a “misinformer.” Congratulations to the NYT for breaking out the thesaurus and not calling the guy a “denier.” That term is loaded and hateful in its message. I humbly submit…

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