Software bounty — $50 WordPress event plugin with ics file

By rickColosimo / August 20, 2009 /

I recently tried out several event plugins for ASDworld to capture some roving office hour events I am holding. The plugin I chose, Event Calendar, was the best of the lot that I tried (I know, I should do a comparative review!). I like the way that I get a crisp per-event post that can…

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Software bounty — $100 WordPress self-link plugin

By rickColosimo / August 18, 2009 /

Reading a recent comment on the WordPress users’ group on Triiibes, I realized that a new user was having a problem that actually does affect me as well. The user complained that he couldn’t figure out how to post a link to a previous post. Of course, the response is you type the anchor text,…

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Software bounty – $100 for comment-spam blacklist tool

By rickColosimo / May 12, 2009 /

Over on Triiibes, there is a group for wordpress users; the population seems to trend pretty heavily to blogging types, so it’s pretty lively and there’s lots of direct experience with issues. Someone recently asked about dealing with comment spam in a way that goes beyond the super-awesome akismet plugin for WordPress, which has been…

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Software Bounty – product classifier tool

By rickColosimo / January 19, 2009 /

We had a previous investment in an online consumer products retailer. One issue that we were facing in rebuilding (unfortunately) the site’s backend from the bottom-up was re-branding the product line into several market segments that we were going to market through distinct URLs, designs, and strategies. My goal was to do all of that…

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