QOTD – 11-Aug-2017

By rickColosimo / August 11, 2017 / Comments Off on QOTD – 11-Aug-2017

A lot of pharmaceuticals were invented using some process that on first hearing sounded pretty stupid. Trouble is, a lot of stupid things start out pretty stupid, too. Straight Dope

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Why you need to outline and edit your blog posts

By rickColosimo / December 18, 2012 / Comments Off on Why you need to outline and edit your blog posts

I often write in a prolific burst when starting a post, rushing to get the thoughts out of my head and onto the screen. But, in looking back over many old posts at ThoughtStorm  or rickcolosimo.com, I see that I have sometimes, or often, failed to edit them as well as I could have. The…

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A recipe for …?

By rickColosimo / August 4, 2011 / Comments Off on A recipe for …?

Tom said: What you need is someone who is interesting, dynamic, can handle your craziness, and is not psycho. That’s a tall order. This will be on the test. 🙂

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NYT sidesteps Godwin’s Law

By rickColosimo / April 10, 2009 / Comments Off on NYT sidesteps Godwin’s Law

Today’s NYT has a story about a former Capitol Hill staffer who is a “dissenter” and “skeptic” on climate change issues. He might even be a “misinformer.” Congratulations to the NYT for breaking out the thesaurus and not calling the guy a “denier.” That term is loaded and hateful in its message. I humbly submit…

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