General under investigation in Afghanistan

By rickColosimo / April 30, 2013 / Comments Off on General under investigation in Afghanistan

I know Bill Caldwell. Worked for him. He convinced me, unintentionally I’m sure, to leave the Army. I know nothing about what he did, didn’t, should, or shouldn’t have done with all this stuff in the paper. But my personal opinion, FWIW, is that he’s not above suspicion and should not get the benefit of…

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Born into pessimism

By rickColosimo / April 8, 2011 /

Sometimes, life is too fatalistic for my tastes. It’s a fundamentally anti-American thing to say that we are too molded by the past, that our destinies are rough-hewn before we have control of our own lives. Sad, too, to learn too late that this is also true of those around us. Certainly, this isn’t determinism;…

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Why does Verizon care where I’ve lived?

By rickColosimo / December 15, 2010 / Comments Off on Why does Verizon care where I’ve lived?

I saw a posting today for an inhouse commercial counsel at Verizon Wireless. This would be an interesting job, lots of commercial contracts, some domain specificity, and it’s not terribly far from home. But I started filling out the online application (again asking for username and password — really? Why does my password to the…

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