Character is for when it counts

By rickColosimo / January 6, 2011 /

The NYT can’t understand corporate finance [link to come; post underway], but they can do headlines: “Hijacker Overpowered on Norway-Turkey Flight.” I guess we did all learn from the heroes on United 93. “Never again” is as good a motto as “let’s roll.” It stands to all of us to do something, perhaps not everyday,…

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At least don’t fool yourself

By rickColosimo / November 15, 2010 /

A useful question came across my screen this morning, one that is important if not absolutely critical as I think about some of the decisions I have to make over the next several months. My odd source of sometimes-inspiration, Scott Ginsberg, had this post on finding inner strength. The section on denial had this little…

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If you can’t change the people around you….

By rickColosimo / November 10, 2010 /

Not sure what to do when you feel like you don’t matter? Try this: 1. Delete people from your life who make you feel invisible. Success means surrounding yourself with people who don’t just look at you – but actually see you. Huge difference. … change the people around you. Thanks for the reminder, Scott.

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Followup: costs of poor sleep

By rickColosimo / May 21, 2010 /

A recent National Geographic article explored sleep and some of the problems associated with lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can be dangerous: … Harvard’s Charles Czeisler. He notes that going without sleep for 24 hours or getting only five hours of sleep a night for a week is the equivalent of a blood alcohol…

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