Deflect “pre-distractions” before they steal focus

By rickColosimo / March 27, 2009 /

Lifehacker recently highlighted a “tangent log” idea from another writer. I thought the concept sounded familiar and realized that my colleague Pierre has long included the “Add to to-do list” page as part of the journal he discusses in his “Accomplishing More with Less” workshops. I’m slowly migrating toward using a paper journal (Moleskine Ruled…

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Zero-effort time-saver: sugar packets

By rickColosimo / February 7, 2009 /

The “zero-effort” time-saver series is a collection of short tips that I actually use to save time and be more productive. The key is things that are actually useful, cost basically nothing, and don’t take huge amounts of effort to implement. First up: tear your sugar packets along the long side rather than the short…

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