Software bounty — $50 WordPress event plugin with ics file

I recently tried out several event plugins for ASDworld to capture some roving office hour events I am holding. The plugin I chose, Event Calendar, was the best of the lot that I tried (I know, I should do a comparative review!). I like the way that I get a crisp per-event post that can hold most of the useful information for each event.

However, I need to get those events back into my Outlook calendar so I can keep track of them and not double-book myself. I described the workaround for that problem in my Anagram post. What I realized in the course of turning to Anagram was that this problem could be easily prevented. If the event plugin also creates an ics file with a download link, not only could I add the events myself, but people looking to attend those events would probably benefit even more from the feature, allowing for greater attendance. That’s a win-win for bloggers and readers.

As with the last WP plugin software bounty:

There are a number of ways that you might address this problem, so there will be no constraints; this means, however, that judging a winner will be more subjective. I will judge finalists and ask a programmer/designer from the Triiibes WP users group to select a winner.

This plugin is a work-for-hire but we’ll agree to a suitable CC license so you have an opportunity to redistribute and even sell.