Fighting H-bombs with C-notes

By rickColosimo / September 2, 2008 /

I read somewhere (here’s one reference and one that makes it both positive and negative, and another – any other favorites?) of someone referring to the not-so-casual, i.e., intentional, dropping of a reference that one went to Harvard as an “H-bomb.” (Not this H-bomb.) Since my partner and I went to Cornell for

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Private recommendations?

By rickColosimo / August 24, 2008 / Comments Off on Private recommendations?

Why don’t recommendation systems create, or allow for, a way to post recommendations that respects poster privacy? For example, I may want to post something about a doctor that I use but not want to reveal my true name or information that reveals too much about me — say, an indication that I have some…

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Emerson revisited – great quote

By rickColosimo / May 30, 2008 / Comments Off on Emerson revisited – great quote

I recently came across this quote and have been upset about not getting it posted sooner. It just oozes character. An excess of parental attention may build self-esteem, which is useless, at the expense of self-reliance, which is gold. Hugh O’Neill in “The Seven Dadly Sins” in Best Life magazine, April 2008, p. 81. I…

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Refrigerator storage & planning

By rickColosimo / April 28, 2008 /

I like the Unclutterer blog because it’s short and to the point, reducing clutter in its posts as well as your life. This article describes the author’s approach to removing food clutter, in the form of things he’s decided not to eat that still live in his pantry. I have a different problem: we’re forever…

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