Eat ice cubes to lose weight

By rickColosimo / January 21, 2009 /

This article on the caloric math behind drinking ice water to lose weight reminded me of something I wrote a number of years ago. My friend John was at Comedy Central doing on-air promos at the time, and they were running a contest for “Absolutely Fabulous,” looking for story ideas. The idea I submitted was…

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Software Bounty – product classifier tool

By rickColosimo / January 19, 2009 /

We had a previous investment in an online consumer products retailer. One issue that we were facing in rebuilding (unfortunately) the site’s backend from the bottom-up was re-branding the product line into several market segments that we were going to market through distinct URLs, designs, and strategies. My goal was to do all of that…

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Credit card/loyalty rewards – all-in-one card?

By rickColosimo / December 24, 2008 /

A recent Springwise newsletter described Perkler, a website that helps people (primarily Australians, given that it’s an Aussie company) manage their perks, loyalty reward card offerings, credit card offers, and even some potentially redeemable rewards (such as cashing in airline miles for some sort of gift certificate). It’s an interesting application of an idea I…

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Social network badges & opportunities

By rickColosimo / December 11, 2008 /

The title of this post links to the page pinged by a Facebook badge I just created. I’m considering adding these to our contact pages ( and Are these useful to anyone? I’m not sure — I think it depends greatly on whether you have a social networking strategy (even if that strategy is…

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