Evidence-based food preparation

By rickColosimo / November 14, 2008 /

After reading this post on Springwise (a site/feed I enjoy very much), I realized that I needed to post another orphaned idea. People have seen a number of “prepared food” offerings, where a company delivers a bunch of meals to you or your family that are designed (usually) to control portions and assist in weight-loss.…

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Allegheny College Gets WSJ Mention

By rickColosimo / November 7, 2008 /

In this article on lawyer/presidents (or president/lawyers, if you prefer), the WSJ‘s Law Blog notes that William McKinley, the 25th President, attended Allegheny College (“briefly attended,” according to this biography) and “for one term” according to his Wikipedia entry. So, if we’re grading on a curve, I’ve managed to graduate from Allegheny and from a…

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Applet wanted – $50 bounty

By rickColosimo / September 3, 2008 /

Wanted: a work-for-hire (so it can be released under a CC license for non-commercial use, exact license TBD) software applet, either for an iPhone or for a Fujitsu laptop (running Vista). Feature: uses internal accelerometer(s), shock sensor, or similar functions at the hardware level as input for output that describes the motion of the phone/laptop…

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Fighting H-bombs with C-notes

By rickColosimo / September 2, 2008 /

I read somewhere (here’s one reference and one that makes it both positive and negative, and another – any other favorites?) of someone referring to the not-so-casual, i.e., intentional, dropping of a reference that one went to Harvard as an “H-bomb.” (Not this H-bomb.) Since my partner and I went to Cornell for

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