Emerson revisited – great quote

I recently came across this quote and have been upset about not getting it posted sooner. It just oozes character.

An excess of parental attention may build self-esteem, which is useless, at the expense of self-reliance, which is gold.

Hugh O’Neill in “The Seven Dadly Sins” in Best Life magazine, April 2008, p. 81.

I think that trying to explain what is, at its heart, a clear and simple expression of Emerson’s philosophy would ruin it.

I will however note that the lesson holds true for employees as well as children. We have seen, but not critically evaluated, numerous articles that reference Gen Y as being very demanding for affirmation and opportunity, often without responsibility or performance. Maybe this explains it.

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  1. Organic farming for self-reliance on October 9, 2009 at 12:36 am

    […] Most importantly, this model could legitimately be a sustainable social startup, one that would allow the members of the community to be self-sufficient. “Self-reliance is gold.” […]

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