How-to: Forward a Facebook event to your friends

By rickColosimo / October 13, 2009 /

My son’s school, REED Academy has a Facebook fan page as well. I created that page since I’ve been using social media, including blogs, twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to expand awareness of causes important to me as well as teach people about my legal expertise in corporate governance and my practice in special education /…

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Memories on TV?

By rickColosimo / September 3, 2009 /

Quick note: watching an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. He’s at Phil’s Fish Market in Monterey, CA (technically Moss Landing). Pam looked at it and said, “hey, isn’t that the place we used to go?” Turns out it definitely is. We would go to the Aquarium in Monterey with visitors and stop there for…

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Software bounty — $100 WordPress self-link plugin

By rickColosimo / August 18, 2009 /

Reading a recent comment on the WordPress users’ group on Triiibes, I realized that a new user was having a problem that actually does affect me as well. The user complained that he couldn’t figure out how to post a link to a previous post. Of course, the response is you type the anchor text,…

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Code-word plugin could increase webapp usage

By rickColosimo / August 17, 2009 /

I just got this cross-selling email from Basecamp today. I was thinking about it in the context of providing great outsourced workflow management in a package that is easyto use because it’s controlled and relatively narrow: you can customize it a bit but you can’t really build it out or add features and you certainly…

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