How-to: Forward a Facebook event to your friends

My son’s school, REED Academy has a Facebook fan page as well. I created that page since I’ve been using social media, including blogs, twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to expand awareness of causes important to me as well as teach people about my legal expertise in corporate governance and my practice in special education / IDEA law for families of autistic children like mine.

One way to continue the flow of the conversation and activity on a Facebook page is to schedule events through the page and invite your fans. You shouldn’t just make up events; they should be meaningful to your audience from their perspective.

Since REED is having its Seventh Annual Fall Fundraiser next month, I added the event details to the Facebook page. The tools allow you to easily signal all the fans, but even though the school has 200+ fans (not bad for a school of about 20 students), each of those fans has hundreds of facebook friends who they want to invite.

Using our event as an example, here’s how to share an event with your friends on Facebook:

Step 1 – go to the right fan page, like this REED page:

Step 2 – find the event you want to invite people to

Step 3 – look at the menu at the bottom and select the “invite guests” option. (Follow the arrow in this picture.)

Arrow showing "invite guests" option

Arrow showing "invite guests" option

Step 4 – this brings up a neat dialog box that will let you select from everyone in your friends list. It then sends off the event as an invite.

Bonus step – if you also send a link to these instructions to your friends, they could send an invite to their friends as well.

(As an aside, if you just share the event, it’s much harder to add everyone to the list, and there’s a “send as message” option in the lower let of that dialog box.)

If you find this useful and would like more information about how my social media consulting can help you shape and share your message, contact me here.