QuickSilver fix-it tip

By rickColosimo / November 9, 2010 /

I recently started with my new MacBook Air, aka the Airbook. I have long been hearing about mythical programs like QuickSilver and OmniFocus (both of which I use now) and even DevonThink (which I’m starting to use and just bought). But today QS decided to break and stop opening up my mail application and a…

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Email tips? Really?

By rickColosimo / April 27, 2010 /

One of my favorite authors, Seth Godin, recently posted another little list of email tips. Of course, they’re pretty much all useful and accurate. I mean, it’s hard to write a “tip” that is flat-out wrong. But I was thinking about it more in the sense of why, in 2010, do high-profile people with things…

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When don’t you need an app?

By rickColosimo / April 11, 2010 /

Confession: I bought an iPad, the smallest wifi-only version. I wanted something that was more functional than my Blackberry Pearl but with a more convenient form factor than my laptop for use during parts of my commute. Here’s the question: I’ve been using Basecamp for internal (and now external) projects, and I had been of…

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By rickColosimo / January 27, 2010 /

What is Fauxtivation? It’s hiding the ball from your customers to try to create a motivation to engage with your company that they wouldn’t naturally have, i.e., don’t need and don’t want. Example: “emailing” travel reservation info that consists of a link to a website rather than, you know, the actual itinerary info. (Tip: that…

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