Deep-fried hot dog & bacon

By rickColosimo / November 12, 2010 /

So I saw this amazing menu item at the Conch Shack in Key West on Friday night of Labor Day weekend: bacon-wrapped, deep fried hot dog. That’s the sort of food that screams “eat me” on a menu, like venison chili at the Houndstooth pub or blackened …, well, anything. The overall experience was just…

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When don’t you need an app?

By rickColosimo / April 11, 2010 /

Confession: I bought an iPad, the smallest wifi-only version. I wanted something that was more functional than my Blackberry Pearl but with a more convenient form factor than my laptop for use during parts of my commute. Here’s the question: I’ve been using Basecamp for internal (and now external) projects, and I had been of…

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Ready-Fire-Review: Anagram

By rickColosimo / August 5, 2009 /

Anagram is a small piece of software that almost falls into the category that we used to describe in my Silicon Valley law days as “a feature masquerading as a company.” Many of those companies went away, some were bought and became features, but a few lived on as they became viable standalones. What does…

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