How to import firefox passwords into 1Password v4

By rickColosimo / October 26, 2013 /

I recently purchased 1Password v4. I thought, reading the reviews and the FAQ, that it would import the 548 password combinations I evidently had stored in Firefox. NOT TRUE. The product was shipped with only the ability to import its own format (thanks for nothing) and CSV files. Checking, opening, and retyping 548 sets of…

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Heat transfer of big ice cubes

By rickColosimo / August 12, 2013 / Comments Off on Heat transfer of big ice cubes

So big ice cubes aren’t necessarily new news, but the ad below which piqued my interest is recent. Ice is cold; your drink is warm. If ice cools drinks by taking heat and melting, then can these work as advertised? The larger surface area slows melting and heat transfer, true, but no heat transfer means…

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Why your product reviews miss the mark

By rickColosimo / December 31, 2012 / Comments Off on Why your product reviews miss the mark

Are you getting low affiliate sales from product reviews? Are you giving people information without solving their “what decision do I make” problem? Try making recommendations, or at least comparisons, among the products in the segment. Give your readers a roadmap on how to use your information to verify or trust your conclusion — and…

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Unclutterer discovers the dummy cord

By rickColosimo / November 16, 2010 / Comments Off on Unclutterer discovers the dummy cord

In this brief post, Unclutterer describes a little elastic band, cord, and sticky piece that helps keep the lens cap of an SLR camera from disappearing. In the Army, this rope or lanyard used for the technique of “physically securing loss-prone objects” is called a dummy cord. In some units or places, notably Ranger School,…

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