Small things

By rickColosimo / June 29, 2019 /

Here is my self-affirmation of the day. I have a great head of hair. It makes me happy.

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QOTD – 11-Aug-2017

By rickColosimo / August 11, 2017 /

A lot of pharmaceuticals were invented using some process that on first hearing sounded pretty stupid. Trouble is, a lot of stupid things start out pretty stupid, too. Straight Dope

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Leading from the front

By rickColosimo / July 27, 2017 /

Saw a law school friend’s post on why trans soldiers should be serving, and some idiot friend of his was complaining about it. I was tempted: Okay, as likely one of the few straight male [disclosure of potential bias] former Army officers [appeal to authority and experience] commenting on this, let me mansplain to the…

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Respect is earned

By rickColosimo / July 19, 2017 /

The first rule of leadership is lead by example. I heard it in so many forms during my 5 year in the Army, I can’t possibly footnote it. Recently, Kellyanne Conway said she was suprised at the disrespect for the president and the office. And yet here’s this example of how then-candidate Trump showing respect…

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