By rickColosimo / June 21, 2009 /’s June 2009 Trend Briefing covering FOREVERISM. I like the trendwatching briefings: they’re actually insightful rather than wishful thinking; they seek to recognize trends rather than create them. (I’ve always wondered about that particular issue in the fashion world — do designers discover hot colors or try to make a color hot?) In this discussion…

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Logo contest on crowdSPRING

By rickColosimo / April 10, 2009 /

We’re running a logo contest on crowdSPRING for a social network-based site serving the ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) community. Besides wanting to see a greater variety of designs from different people rather than a number of variations on a theme from one person, I wanted to see how the original “” might have functioned. My…

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Use self-BCC to tame your sent folder

By rickColosimo / April 2, 2009 /

Over on Simplifying Complexity, I recently doubled one of our software bounties from $250 to $500. Here’s a deeper background on the topic: Unlike people who use their sent items folder as a giant bucket to keep track of things they sent to people, I prefer to BCC myself and then file the actual email I…

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Why I work to prototype ideas – C2B

By rickColosimo / February 9, 2009 /

A recent NYT Bits post describes Genius Rocket, a website that fits my early recognition of C2B (customer to business) business models as a likely future for the Internet. The first incarnation of was for a business that, in modern terms, facilitated the crowdsourcing of advertising ideas for companies and ad agencies looking for…

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