Are you a thought leader?

By rickColosimo / May 28, 2010 /

At some point, and I’m not sure I can remember why, I started subscribing to Scott Ginsberg’s blog. About now, you’re thinking “Who?” Scott. The Nametag Guy? Oh, now you remember. *That* you’ve seen. Anyways, he writes some good stuff. My personal opinion is that there’s a lot of chaff in the wheat, if I…

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Claiming false medals is demeaning

By rickColosimo / August 2, 2009 /

A recent NYT article discussed the rash of false medals/military honors since the long war on terror has greatly increased the number of “everyday” people with some plausible wartime service. (For example, I recently met an in-house attorney with JetBlue who was in the Army National Guard during law school and then deployed to Iraq.…

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