Craigslist ads people shouldn’t post

Does this translate into: I want to hire someone good looking who will wear skimpy clothing around the office and be available weekends/evenings to fool around? WTF?

This post was eventually flagged. Who knows what’s going on out there?

This ad is for a nice opportunity for someone to learn about law and business. I am looking for a flexible position hours wise (weekends/evenings) and part time to start. Being that this is a profession a well manicured appearance is prefered. This office is also male dominated so I am looking for the ultra feminine type for balance. Reliability is a requirment although education level and a legal background is not mandatory. In fact I prefer to train fresh so as not to repeat old bad habits formed from inferior previous training. Please forward your resume, special skills, language abilities, pics, and any other data you wish to submit or any other information about yourself and/or a sample of something you have written. Must be willing to learn and tolerant of others as we deal with all walks of life and confidentiality is a top priority. Personality and hyper feminine style are also important along with work ethic and dependability.

I read it again just now and still can’t believe it. “Pics?” Seriously?