Pile of boxes at new house.

Moved. Put all the “stuff” in one big pile. When the pile is gone, I’ll know I’m done decluttering.

Also, I was going to put my 8 or 10 sets of shelves (plastic, 6′ high. 18″ deep) out at the curb, rather than break them down and put them in my storage unit (whole ‘nother post needed on that one). They’ve been in the basement, mostly holding the stuff that’s in the other picture. I figured: No sense keeping them!

I realized that moving the shelves to the storage, knowing I can’t use them for at least a year, wasn’t worth the effort and time!

[Went to Home Depot to get keys made.]

I began rethinking my “give-away of the shelves! At Home Depot, they’re $40 each. I’ve got at least 10 downstairs, I figure. Seems like Craigslist after all!!!

One way to look at it is “Cool! I can sell those and get a couple hundred bucks” The other is that I had so much crap that I needed to buy $500 of shelves to put it in. When you think of it that way — was I just freaking blind all these years? I guess most of America was, so I don’t feel so bad: at least I’ve changed!