Use self-BCC to tame your sent folder

By rickColosimo / April 2, 2009 /

Over on Simplifying Complexity, I recently doubled one of our software bounties from $250 to $500. Here’s a deeper background on the topic: Unlike people who use their sent items folder as a giant bucket to keep track of things they sent to people, I prefer to BCC myself and then file the actual email I…

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Deflect “pre-distractions” before they steal focus

By rickColosimo / March 27, 2009 /

Lifehacker recently highlighted a “tangent log” idea from another writer. I thought the concept sounded familiar and realized that my colleague Pierre has long included the “Add to to-do list” page as part of the journal he discusses in his “Accomplishing More with Less” workshops. I’m slowly migrating toward using a paper journal (Moleskine Ruled…

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Why is AV still so hard to set up?

By rickColosimo / March 5, 2009 /

I am currently attending a conference related to special education law. This fact isn’t critically relevant to this post, but it explains why I was sitting at a table this morning watching the presenters try to get their laptops working and then wait for the inevitable “tech guy” from the hotel to come sort it…

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Fix health care by keeping records private

By rickColosimo / February 17, 2009 /

The President’s new healthcare record digitization plan is fraught with good intentions. Making healthcare records easier to exchange, analyze, cross-reference, maintain, and update. No one seriously doubts that particular issue. However, there are serious problems with the President’s plan that show the intrusion of big-government thinking over individual freedom. There is no reason why the…

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