Which partners in what crime

What’s the deal with the phrase “partners in crime?” I am a single dad who works in a small law firm and lives in a family-laden suburb of NYC, so my dating interactions mostly come from online introductions.

I see this phrase often. Very often. I mean, it’s right up there with “work hard, play hard” and “not a Republican” (I’m in the NYC area, so that’s expected 🙂

It’s possibly even more prevalent than some variation of “equally comfortable in jeans and a little black dress.”

But why partners in crime? What’s the extra connotation that women find appealing about this phrase? Is it the subversive, slightly dangerous-sounding language? Does that signal someone still thinking about “bad boys” or bored with her life? Is it the “honor among thieves” aspect? Does that signal a crappy former partner who was selfish, or a lack of deeper connection? Does it signal a duality to the relationship, that subconsciously leaves kids outside the circle? (If that were true, it would be a helpful red flag for me to know.)

I suppose I should start asking why. I think that’s my new hook. More to follow.