Set work-home boundaries on Facebook

A breakfast networking group I attend regularly returns to the topic of social networking tools/sites and where people can or should draw lines to separate their business and personal lives. It’s a common sentiment that “I don’t want clients seeing old college photos.”

Michael Phelps in a compromising position

Michael Phelps in a compromising position

This article via the Personal Branding Blog deals expressly with these issues by attacking difficult question #1: What do you do when your boss sends you a friend request?

The short answer, that I was pleased to learn, is that you can use the friend “lists” feature. Create a friend list called “professional” and add the right folks to it. You can then edit your privacy settings and set permissions the way you want and then use the list as an exception to the viewing permissions. There are probably a variety of permutations you’ll have to sort through, and so you should test your settings vigorously before putting up something that you don’t want people to see.

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