Pseudo-quote on getting it wrong

So I was just watching a video of “some guy” (deliberately vague now because I’m going to sort of make fun of him in a minute) talking about how he uses Scrivener on his Mac for writing.

But he pronounced it with a long /i/, like it rhymed with ‘hive:’ scrive-ner, as opposed to scriv-ner. I’d honestly never ever heard it pronounced that way, and given the number of kids in my 11th or 12th grade English class reading Bartleby, I’m sure someone would have corrected all of us if we were saying it wrong. However, the average verbal SAT of that class was probably above 650 (and I’m old-ish, so that’s like a 730 today; look up the scaled score conversion) — I’m guessing we mostly had it right.

Anyhow, I won’t name the fellow or link or anything just because he pronounced it funny. But I am unsure about whether I want to watch the rest of this little video.

But I will because I just started using Scrivener and would like to see how other folks do it.

So here’s the quote (I really don’t have a source for this; sorry):

It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open it and remove all doubt.

And yes, my visceral reaction to people mispronouncing things does have some small relation to my mother’s penchant for talking about the “Gonzilla” movies that I watched on Saturday afternoons as a kid. Yes, they were in fact dubbed “Godzilla” movies. Oh well — some things stay with you.