Occam’s Safety Razor

By rickColosimo / February 27, 2020 /

Occam’s Safety Razor Occam’s Safety Razor: when you don’t know what the answer is, start with something that almost certainly can’t hurt. Everyone talks about Occam’s Razor, usually getting it wrong in the process. I generally prefer the Karl Popper interpretation that it’s just about ease of testing and not an actual “law” because sometimes…

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Library v Amazon

By rickColosimo / February 24, 2020 /

At some point I looked over my Amazon wish list and saw a lot of books that I wanted to read but wasn’t sure I really wanted to keep for a long time. So I wondered if there was a tool that would track my wishlist and then pop up and tell me if the…

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Personalized amusement park video

By rickColosimo / February 16, 2020 /

This idea falls into my “Orphans” category: projects or ideas that I find interesting but that I know are really low on my priority list. I figure it’s more fun and helpful to write about them and release them into the wild. If nothing else, I can put a David-Allen approved “DONE” label on these…

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Cruel World

By rickColosimo / August 4, 2019 /

The publish date on this article describing this video is September 2017. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it until now, August 2019. It was a bad idea. I made it 45 seconds in, about 12–15 seconds of real content, and I choked and had to stop. The video is bodycam footage…

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