My kids live in the future.

Thinking about my kids’ world. It’s already different from mine. Answering machines and voicemail came when I was in grade school and are almost dead. Long distance isn’t. It’s easier than ever to create. And everyone gets to be an individual. 

This thought was spurred in part by looking at summer camps and recoiling at the idea of my 7-yo son going to a camp that segregates boys and girls. I know there are studies showing possibly better outcomes for girls in some situations, but two things remain. First, I don’t think I’ve seen a study that says boys do better. And second, that’s not the way of the world. I expect my boys to live mostly in a world where women are professional and social equals. Why would I want to hamstring them by perpetuating habits that are the byproduct of stereotypes? 

Men and women may tease each other in relationships, but that’s a pattern for my life. It’ll be mostly gone by the time my son is a man, and my grandchildren will never know it except from old movies.