More orphan ideas in the wild

Seth Godin recently reported on the shipping of two ipad apps triggered or inspired or at least encouraged by earlier posts of his. I’ve written before how my own growing lists of orphan ideas were triggered by some great ideas that Seth posted some time ago, and every time I see that someone else has taken action on a notion like this, it encourages me.

My day will come, I’m sure. (Of course, more people read Seth than me, but so what — that’s really not the whole reason I release these ideas into the wild myself.)

Killer apps now shipping (early days)
You may have read about my proposed apps:

One made it easier to run and manage meetings, and the other made it easier to present a powerpoint-style slideshow on the iPad (but better).

I’m delighted to report that early versions of both have been built by loyal readers who read the posts and chose to take action.

I’m looking forward to checking out the presentation tool — it looks like a good idea for some deskside briefs that I give often, such as deal structures for startup financing or other transactions.