Drying out a phone after acute water exposure

I was recently in a Starbucks, fand my phone was perched [a little] too precariously. It fell. Into water. I was right there, of course, and snatched it out in less than a second. (Of course, this is purely hypothetical.)

My luck was not all bad. There was an enormous high-speed dryer there (Dylan calls it a “trapezoid dryer” – I think there’s a trapezoid design underneath.

Graphite front

I cranked it up — high-temperature air at high speed, across every corner, curve, angle, and surface of the phone. I went for about two minutes, maybe three, until the phone felt warm to the touch and looked bone-dry from every angle. Luck was with me – no problems then or since.

So, add “restroom” visit to your list of viable solutions to water+phone problems. I’m thinking that home blow dryers would be just as effective. Good luck.