Fix health care by keeping records private

By rickColosimo / February 17, 2009 /

The President’s new healthcare record digitization plan is fraught with good intentions. Making healthcare records easier to exchange, analyze, cross-reference, maintain, and update. No one seriously doubts that particular issue. However, there are serious problems with the President’s plan that show the intrusion of big-government thinking over individual freedom. There is no reason why the…

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Allegheny College Gets WSJ Mention

By rickColosimo / November 7, 2008 /

In this article on lawyer/presidents (or president/lawyers, if you prefer), the WSJ‘s Law Blog notes that William McKinley, the 25th President, attended Allegheny College (“briefly attended,” according to this biography) and “for one term” according to his Wikipedia entry. So, if we’re grading on a curve, I’ve managed to graduate from Allegheny and from a…

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