Awesome iPad app demo/mockup

By rickColosimo / May 28, 2010 /

So there’s been a lot of press on the iPad + Velcro ™ video. And it’s well done, insightful, and mildly amusing. The shame of it is that it is flanked by an absolutely awesome video from the same fellow, Jesse Rosten: iPad shopping could look like this. I’d have to buy stock in J.…

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Why don’t you pay for your own doctor?

By rickColosimo / March 21, 2010 /

This WSJ editorial reprint of an earlier article by Milton Friedman describes the shift in doctor-patient relationships as a result of managed care companies hiring doctors to provide medical services. I briefly commented on this on my Observations page in relation to a suggestion that we need to allow non-lawyer ownership of “law firms” to…

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Create personalized stock portfolios for savings or profit

By rickColosimo / February 23, 2010 /

One of my favorite sources for inspiration is Springwise. The latest issue spat out a few interesting ideas.  Mybrandz (perhaps seeking to be the “Bratz” of the investment world) is a stock portfolio (not an actual mutual fund that you can invest in but rather a faux fund) of “brands people love.” Basically, these folks…

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Definitions: gwitter

By rickColosimo / November 9, 2009 /

gwitter A Gwitter is someone who ghost-writes twitter updates for a celebrity who (A) can’t be bothered, (B) can’t be trusted not to go “off-message,” or (C) can’t type as many as 140 characters on a phone. Dude, President Obama just sent a tweet about Autism Awareness! Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s just…

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