Some things don’t belong in the task list

By rickColosimo / June 27, 2012 /

Randomly happened upon this old 43Folders post on appending text via QuickSilver. Thinking about how fast that is for certain types of lists (books for library/amazon — and right, I know I haven’t put the library first in practice, but that’s exactly why I wrote it that way!; wines – but that seems like a…

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Zero-based diet: Cheat on your diet the right way

By rickColosimo / June 20, 2010 /

I recently started tracking what I eat more deliberately (FYI: iPhone app on my iPad; no review yet, which I’ll do after I get the iPhone 4). I’ve found it’s great for making me mindful of what I’m doing, and counting servings is always different if you actually figure out how big a “cup” of…

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