Where the bad moods went

By rickColosimo / April 24, 2013 /

Someone once told me that she hadn’t seen me in a bad mood. (It was after only four weeks of knowing me, so maybe there’s a sample size problem.)   I said that something had annoyed me the week before. Things still bother me, but not for long and not as much. Remembering things I used…

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World Autism Awareness Day 2013

By rickColosimo / April 2, 2013 /

Today is World Autism Awareness day. My Facebook profile picture is my 8yo son Dylan, showing you, and me, what he thinks of autism. I imagine it’s something along the lines of “I just want to do what I want and have fun like every other boy. Sometimes it’s just hard.” Other times I imagine…

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Drying out a phone after acute water exposure

By rickColosimo / March 31, 2013 /

I was recently in a Starbucks, fand my phone was perched [a little] too precariously. It fell. Into water. I was right there, of course, and snatched it out in less than a second. (Of course, this is purely hypothetical.) My luck was not all bad. There was an enormous high-speed dryer there (Dylan calls…

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For Nathan — Dad’s First Grade

By rickColosimo / January 11, 2013 /

  Dear Nathan,   When I was in first grade, I was 6 at the beginning of school in September and turned 7 in the middle of the year. That was in 1974. I lived in a town called Spencerport, NY, with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Katie. (Uncle Jim was not born yet!). We had…

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