Hi! I’m Rick. I like to write. I mean, I ‘like’ like to write. After switching to English as a major in college after three or four weeks of Chemistry/Political Science because “I wasn’t reading enough,” I put myself squarely in the word-guy camp. I like numbers, I really do, but numbers are facts; words are direction. The same numbers can lead to different interpretations, and that’s why they’re ultimately subordinate, but still critical, in shaping the world.

For the most part, the writings here are things that are personal or just don't fit on my work blogs (rickcolosimo.com and thoughtstorm.com). You never know whether you'll get a blog post, a random idea, a poem, or a song.

I’m a [currently] single dad. Find out more about me if you like.

I’m a problem-solver by training, a Ranger by character, and an inventor by nature.


During the Army, my main skill was solving problems. Even though everyone in the chain of command had had my job (platoon leader) before me, we all still had to figure it out—and learn how to figure things out. That continued: I went to law school and spent much of my legal career practicing startup and corporate law, with a core approach of creating and framing opportunities for clients to make decisions (which is the only route to useful action) by identifying, eliminating, transferring, and managing risks of all kinds. These days, I spend most of my time focused on the board-level version of problem-solving: What should the plan be? What was the plan for last month? What happened? What should we do to get back on track?


I went to Ranger School during my five years in the US Army Infantry after college. To be crystal clear (and if you don’t understand why this matters, it wasn’t written for you, don’t worry): I’m Ranger-qualified. You want a real Ranger, a guy I’d follow to the ends of the earth, call Danny McKnight.

* Inventor

I think this is a better word for me than entrepreneur because I haven’t really started that many businesses. I invent ideas — systems — for making things work and work better. Some of those end up here in my "Orphans" category because although I like an idea, sometimes I feel I'm never going to put effort into it. So I just set them free.

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